June 26, 2015

Fab Friday Freebies

I recently finished a huge project I have been working on for a few months, and I couldn't be more excited to finally get it posted in my store. Last year I created a ton of book companions and comprehensive language packets, but not a whole lot for my artic kiddos. I got to the end of the year and was completely burnt out on artic cards, games, and worksheets. I wanted something fresh and new to start out the year with the had a variety of activities for a variety of ages. This week I decided to focus on articulation freebies. 

Here is the newest addition to my store. This packet is one of the activities in my Articulation Kits. These cards are designed to be used with students pk-5th grade. I call them iTalk cards, and YES they really talk. Your students will scan the QR code using a smartphone or tablet and a voice will say the target word on the card. There are 9 initial position words, 6 medial position words, and 9 final position words.

You can grab this freebie here Articulation Kits /S/ Freebie.

Here are some other awesome freebies I found this week:

Final Consonant Flies

Final Consonant Flies by: Kari Radovich 
I can't tell you how much my preschoolers love this activity. It is so motivating for them to feed animals. We added a twist to ours and catch the flies using fly swatters with Velcro attached to them. This download includes 100 words targeting final consonant deletion:/p,t,k,s,m,n,f/.

Sentence Frame Activity to Target Final Consonant Deletion

Sentence Frame Activity to Target Final Consonant Deletion- Freebie! by Expressly Speaking

This is another favorite of mine for my pk-kg crowd. It includes 9 worksheets targeting final consonants /t,p,m,n,d,k,g,s/. You can practice articulation at word, phrase, or sentence levels. 

Articulation Game Boards {FREEBIE!}

Articulation Game Boards {FREEBIE!} by Speech Is Sweet

She makes some awesome articulation worksheets. My students always LOVE her work. These worksheets are perfect for an on the go SLP. No prep work needed just print and go. Not only do your students get to play a game, they get to decorate the game board as well. The following sounds were included in this set: /k,f,t,s,th,r/.

Hungry Hippos Artic

Hungry Hippo Artic by Lauren LaCour
This is a fun twist to a childhood favorite of mine. You will attach the hippos to a tissue box, then your students will feed the hippos as they practice their speech sounds. The following sounds are included: /r,s,l,k/ and additional blank cards for you to write on.

Articulation Cans Add On FREEBIE! {more sticks for /r/,/s/

Articulation Cans Add On FREEBIE! {more sticks for /r/,/s/,/z/,ch,"j"} by Mia McDaniel

If you don't have her Artic Cans, this is the perfect time to try them out. I love using them. They are an easy to grab and go activity. 

What do you love to use with your artic kiddos?

I hope you enjoy using these freebies with your students. Remember to follow my blog so you don't miss out on these awesome freebies each week.

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