April 30, 2015

Getting To Know Your Favorite Online SLPs Linky Party

I am so excited to link up with many great SLPs today for the Getting To Know Your Favorite Online SLPs linky party. A huge thank you to the host Natalie Snyders!

Today I wanted to share a little bit about myself  with all of you. 

Who Am I?
My name is Erin Moore. I live in Chattanooga, TN with my husband, 12 year old son and spoiled rotten dog. I am a Speech-Language Teacher /Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. I graduated in 2010 from Ole Miss with my BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders.Upon graduation, I moved to Florida and began working. I have worked in private practice and the public school system for the past 5 years with students PK-5th grade. I have been on TPT since 2014, and started my blog this year.

What Do I Offer?
My store, The Speech Attic, offers a variety of quality materials that I use with my own students. My products are designed to target multiple areas of need. I use a lot of visuals to provide a foil for students. Many of my products are book companions or comprehensive language units. I aim to create affordable quality materials that will make your lives a little bit easier and less stressful.

My Dream Job?
Once I complete my Masters, I plan to open a private pediatric clinic. I have always wanted to own my own business. I also have a deep passion for creating TPT materials and a new found love for blogging, so more time for that and I would be one happy SLT.

3 Of My Favorite Things:
Traveling, creating materials, and my family

Who Else Should You Know?
I think you should know Mia McDaniel from Putting Words In Your Mouth. She has some amazing products in her TPT store. You can also find her on Facebook. And don't forget to check out her blog. Here is one of my favorite products from her store.

To get to know many other SLPs, head back over to Natalie Snyders' linky party

April 27, 2015

Speech Trading Post

Wow! I was looking at my calendar today and realized we are less than 20 days from summer break. YAY! The end is near. So, as we finish up this year I wanted to share with you a great summer product I recently had the opportunity to review. Hopefully this will make your planning easier for the next few weeks. As part of the Speech Trading Post series hosted by Sounds Like Fun, I was able to swap products with Jessica Finch from The Speech Peach and try out her Let's Go Camping! Language Pack. I love doing a camping theme right before the end of school and this was an awesome addition to my camping unit.

This pack was perfect for my Kg-1st grade students. The story was excellent for eliciting language and a great way to introduce camping to my students. We talked about what we would need when we go camping, things we could do, and animals we might see. The comprehension questions included three pictured choice, which I loved. My students had a great time working on positional concepts with the picture scene. And if all of that isn't awesome enough, she also had freebies in her store to go along with this pack which targeted vocabulary and articulation. My students had a blast! 

Oh and did I mention, Jessica is giving away her Let's Go Camping! Language Pack to one lucky winner! Enter Rafflecopter below.

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April 12, 2015

Spring Expressive/Receptive Language

Last week was Spring Break, and I spent the entire week catching up on projects and creating new materials. I am so excited to finally put away all of my winter materials and activities and bring out my spring activities. I have a new expressive language pack and receptive language pack that I will be using over the next two months. 


First up is my Blooming Expressive Language Pack. This pack is 53 pages in length and  covers so many different goals. I love using language packs to supplement books I read. It allows me to cover a variety of specific skills with a general theme.

I Spy Barrier Game

•Describing Flowers: (3 pages) 

•Growing Flowers: Divergent Categorization: (18 cards) 

•Picking Flowers: Convergent Categorization: (6 baskets + 24 cards) 

•Get Your Tools: Level 1 Antonyms/Synonyms: (24 cards of each) 
•If The Glove Fits: Level 2 Antonyms/Synonyms: (28 cards of each) 

•Sprinkle The Seeds: Multiple meaning words: (24 puzzles)

•Cut The Flowers: Compare/Contrast: (23 cards) 

•Venn Diagram Compare/ Contrast Worksheets With Pictures

•Speedy Snail: What Doesn't Belong: (23 cards)

•Game Board 1: Spring/Garden

•Open-ended Game Board

•Roll A Flower

Next is my Spring Receptive Language Pack. This pack is 35 pages in length and covers WH questions, following directions, labeling/identifying themed vocabulary. It is designed to use with K-2. 

Barrier Game: (1 picture scene and 18 interactive pieces) 

Bug Bingo

WH Questions: (60 cards with pictured choices) Who, What, When, Where, Why

Following Directions: (60 cards+ 6 special cards) One step, two step, and conditional directions. 

Temporal Directions: (3 worksheets) 

  • Open-ended Game Board
You can grab Blooming Expressive Language and Spring Receptive Language on TPT.

Want to win a copy? Enter the Rafflecopter widget below!

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April 2, 2015

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

This pack has been in the works for a while, but it is finally finished! Hooray!!

This book companion is designed to accompany the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff. It is developed for Preschool and early Elementary aged students. The book must be purchased separately.

The book companion includes the following activities:

-Sequencing Pictures: Use for story retell.

-Sequencing With Ordinal Numbers Worksheet:Students will sequence the events from the story

-Comprehension Questions & Retelling Mat: As students answer questions correctly they will remove the card to reveal parts of the picture. Once all of the cards have been removed, have students retell the story.

-Yes/No Questions: (12 cards) Students will draw a card and answer the question. 

-Thinking & Reasoning Questions: (8 cards) Students will draw a card and answer the question. 

-Object Function:The teacher will describe an object and the student will point to the object that has been described.

-Cause/Effect: (2 worksheets) Students will draw a line from the cause on the left to the effect on the right.

-Prepositions: Students will cut the cookies off the bottom of the worksheet. The teacher will give simple instructions on where students should glue the cookies.

-Describing: Page 17- Students will draw a card and provide two words to describe the object. Page 18- This can be done as a group or individually. Give each student a crayon and have them find objects in the book that are described. When they find an object they can color in the circle.

-Basic Concepts:Students will pull a card and identify the concept labeled on the card

-Syllable counting:Place a sticker on the back of the card behind the correct number of syllables so students can self check.

-Mouse says: Following one-two step directions: Place cards into a container. Students will pull a card from the container and follow the directions. If they follow the directions, they keep the card. If not, it goes back into the container. The student with the most cards is the winner.

-Mouse In My House Interactive Book

-The Mouse Has A… Sentence Strip: This can be used for producing simple sentences.

-My Speech Words Worksheet: Students will find words with their speech sounds from the story and write them in the blanks.

-Cookie Jar Reinforcement Activity: When students answer a question correctly they will roll the die and take that number of cookies out of the jar. The student with the most cookies is the winner.

-Go Together: Place the cookies on the table with the cookie side facing up. Students will turn the cookies over trying to match the two objects that go together.

-Open-ended game board

You can grab If You Give A Mouse A Cookie on TPT.

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