July 1, 2015

Wacky Wednesday Book Club: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell

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I LOVE books! I especially love using books in therapy. They are an excellent tool to target multiple skills: comprehension, vocabulary, a model for grammatical structure, the list goes on and on. One reason I love using books is it gives students exposure to things they may have never experienced, such as a visit to the zoo or circus. 

Book companions are perfect for extending the learning experience that books provide. Each Wednesday I will highlight a book and book companion I love using with my students and provide you with activities to accompany the book. 

This week I want to show you my book companion for "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell". This series of books is probably one of my favorites. They are wacky and silly and so fun to use in therapy. 

Lucille Colandro's books are excellent for making predictions, themed vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing and rhyming as well as many other language skills. 

Here is a peek at my book companion:

This packet includes activities targeting:

Story retell: Students will retell the story while feeding the old lady objects. 

Ordinal Numbers: Students will sequence events from the story.

Comprehension Questions & Retelling Mat:As students answer questions correctly, they remove the card to reveal parts of the picture. Once all the cards have been removed , students will use the retelling mat to retell the story.

Yes/No Questions:Students will draw a card and answer the question. Use with open-ended game board. 

Matching:Students are to draw a line from what she ate to the reason she ate it. 

Summer Bingo:These boards can be used for identifying vocabulary from the story, describing, identification by attributes, etc. 

Rhyme: Students will match rhyming words from the story.

Verb Tense:Use the mat (page 19) to sort the cards into past, present and future tense.  Students will formulate sentences with one or all verb tenses.

Counting Syllables:Students will draw a card and put their finger on the correct number of syllables in each word. Students can also use small clothespins.

Mini Book

The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell Interactive Book

Roll & Color open-ended worksheets

Open-ended game board

You can find it in my TPT store by clicking HERE.

Enjoy using books in therapy! 

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