June 12, 2015

Fab Friday Freebies

We are definitely into summer now, or at least I hope everyone is. I don't know about you but I spent the first week or two of summer break soaking it all in; sleeping late, relaxing, anything and everything but school. Since then, I have found myself planning periodically okay a lot for next year. I decided to offer a bunch of new freebies to make your planning easier. Each week from now until July 3rd., I will bring you Fab Friday Freebies. It will showcase a new freebie of mine and 5 freebies from other sellers. Make sure you follow my blog as some of my new freebies will be available on TPT, while others will only be available on my blog. 

This week I went with a camping theme. Let me say, I am not a huge fan of camping. I love to talk about it, but actually doing it is not my thing. One thing I do love that goes along with camping is s'mores. Yummy, gooey, chocolaty s'mores need I say more. Who doesn't love all of that goodness. So of course my freebie has s'mores all over it. Your kids will love learning about categories while staring at those tasty treats. I would definitely suggest having a s'more party or at least let them sample some. Not only are they delicious,but also fun to make. I'm getting hungry just talking about them!

This pack includes 48 cards with pictures for sorting into categories. It can be used two different ways:
1.) Spread the ingredient cards out on the table. Give each student a s’more card and have them find the ingredients for their s’more.
2.) Lay the s’more cards in a horizontal row on the table. Have students sort the ingredient cards under the correct s’more card.

This packet can be found in my TPT store: S'more Category Fun

Here are some other awesome freebies I found this week:

Gone Camping FREEBIE Open Ended Board Game

Gone Camping FREEBIE Open Ended Board Game from The Dabbling Speechie This open ended game board is perfect to make therapy fun while targeting various skills.

Camp Speech Homework Packet!
Camp Speech Homework Packet! from The Talkin' Teacher 
Love, Love Love these! The clipart is adorable and I used these at the end of the year with my articulation kiddos. They really enjoyed using these as reinforcement.

Camping Language {Freebie}

Camping Language {Freebie} from Queen's Speech 
This packet includes 5 engaging worksheets for teaching camping vocabulary.

Summer Camp: Categorization {Milestone Freebie}

This packet has a game board, visual aid for categorization, cards for convergent and divergent categorization and homework pages. Oh, and did I mention adorable clipart!

FREEBIE: Camping and Forest Vocabulary/Match cards

I used this packet at the end of the year with my kiddos during our camping theme. It has excellent vocabulary cards which can be used for a matching game.

So there you have it, the first Fab Friday Freebies! I hope you enjoy using these with your students. I would love to hear what other awesome products, crafts, or activities your do with your students when talking about camping!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention!

  2. You're welcome! I loved using your products this year with my students. They really enjoyed them.