July 23, 2015

Wacky Wednesday Book Club: If You Take A Mouse To School & Giveaway

I know.... it's Thursday, which means I am late posting this. What a crazy busy week it has been for me. I am finishing up with summer school, which means lots and lots of work to do. And we are still moving and setting up the new pre-k room. Wow, can you believe I only have 2 weeks left of summer break? Where has the time gone? 

I do have a new book companion, which I am so excited about! And did you notice in the title there's a giveaway this week. Yippee!

This story is about a mouse who goes to school with his friend. He learns math, performs science experiments, builds a house, plays soccer and much more. It is perfect for speech, language, and literacy. Here are some of the activities I use with my students. You can find these activities by clicking on the picture below.

Sequencing Pictures: for story retell.

Sequencing With Ordinal Numbers Worksheet: Students will sequence the events from the story.

Comprehension Questions & Retelling Mat: Students will answer WH questions about the story. Once all of the questions have been answered I have my students retell the story using the story retell mat.

Yes/No Questions

Thinking & Reasoning Questions

Object Function: I describe an object and my student(s) will point to the object that was described. 

Cause/Effect: (3 worksheets) Students will draw a line from the cause on the left to the effect on the right. Blank sheet included to make your own.

Prepositions: Students will cut the objects off the bottom of the worksheet. The teacher will give simple instructions on where students should glue the objects. 
(ex. Place lunchbox in the mouse’s hand.)

Preposition Cards: (10 cards) Use as review or have students generate sentences using the preposition on the card.

Describing: Students will draw a card and provide two words to describe the object.

Basic Concepts: Use with game board; Have students pull a card and identify the concept labeled on the card

Syllable counting: Place a sticker on the back of the card behind the correct number of syllables so students can self check.

The Mouse Wants… Interactive Book

The Mouse Has A… Sentence Strip: This can be used for producing simple sentences.

My Speech Words Worksheet: Students will find words with their speech sounds from the story and write them in the blanks.

Open-ended game board

Happy reading! I hope you try some of these activities with your students.

You can grab If You Take a Mouse To School here. Want to win a copy? Enter through Rafflecopter below.

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