July 8, 2015

Wacky Wednesday Book Club: We're Going On A Safari

I found a fabulous book a couple of months ago that is very similar to a childhood favorite of mine. Do you remember reading the book in pre-k or kindergarten, "We're Going On A Bear Hunt". That book was fabulous! You have to use your imagination to hunt down a bear. You would move around the classroom doing various activities as you hunted for the bear. Well, I found "We're Going On A Lion Hunt" adapted by Margery Cuyler. It's about a group of students and their teacher who use their imagination to go on a safari to find a lion. Of course, since I have such an awesome book, I have to create a book companion for it. 

Here is a peek:

This packet isn't just your ordinary book companion, but includes many other activities to teach your students about animals that live in the jungle.

This packet includes activities targeting:

Welcome to the jungle: (pages 3-4) Have students identify animals in the picture/ label objects/ animals. 

-Comprehension questions: (pages 5-6)

-Jungle animal photographs: (pages 7-8) These are perfect for attaching to a bulletin board as a talking point for students.

-Listening comprehension/animal facts: (pages 9-11) Read about each animal then answer the questions at the bottom of each card.

-Vocabulary cards: (pages 12-14) These cards can be used as a matching game or for a word wall.

-Animal attributes: (pages 15-16) Students will identify the described animal by its attribute.

-Comparatives & Superlatives: (pages 18-20) Students will sort the cards from smallest to biggest while practicing comparative/superlative adjectives.

-Label the elephant: (page 21) Students will label the different parts of the elephant.

-Describing: (page 23) Color in the circles that describe the animal. (pages 24-26) Students will write words on the lines around the animal to describe it.

-Color the animals that live in the jungle: (page 27)

-Sorting : (page 28-31) Sort the animals into the correct habitat.(page 32) Use with pages 28-31 to work on length of utterance

-Safari Bingo (page 33-35) 

-Help the kids pick out their clothes for the safari: (page 36-37)

-Graph your favorite animal: (page 38) After talking about the different animals have students graph which animal is their favorite, then talk about which animal was picked the most and the least.

-Compare & Contrast: (page 39-41)

-We’re going on a safari interactive book

You can find it in my TPT store by clicking HERE!

Enjoy using books in therapy!

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