April 12, 2015

Spring Expressive/Receptive Language

Last week was Spring Break, and I spent the entire week catching up on projects and creating new materials. I am so excited to finally put away all of my winter materials and activities and bring out my spring activities. I have a new expressive language pack and receptive language pack that I will be using over the next two months. 


First up is my Blooming Expressive Language Pack. This pack is 53 pages in length and  covers so many different goals. I love using language packs to supplement books I read. It allows me to cover a variety of specific skills with a general theme.

I Spy Barrier Game

•Describing Flowers: (3 pages) 

•Growing Flowers: Divergent Categorization: (18 cards) 

•Picking Flowers: Convergent Categorization: (6 baskets + 24 cards) 

•Get Your Tools: Level 1 Antonyms/Synonyms: (24 cards of each) 
•If The Glove Fits: Level 2 Antonyms/Synonyms: (28 cards of each) 

•Sprinkle The Seeds: Multiple meaning words: (24 puzzles)

•Cut The Flowers: Compare/Contrast: (23 cards) 

•Venn Diagram Compare/ Contrast Worksheets With Pictures

•Speedy Snail: What Doesn't Belong: (23 cards)

•Game Board 1: Spring/Garden

•Open-ended Game Board

•Roll A Flower

Next is my Spring Receptive Language Pack. This pack is 35 pages in length and covers WH questions, following directions, labeling/identifying themed vocabulary. It is designed to use with K-2. 

Barrier Game: (1 picture scene and 18 interactive pieces) 

Bug Bingo

WH Questions: (60 cards with pictured choices) Who, What, When, Where, Why

Following Directions: (60 cards+ 6 special cards) One step, two step, and conditional directions. 

Temporal Directions: (3 worksheets) 

  • Open-ended Game Board
You can grab Blooming Expressive Language and Spring Receptive Language on TPT.

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  1. I love to go geocaching with my family in the spring.

  2. I love being able to take my dog on long walks!