February 3, 2016

Learning Verbs {App Review}

Last week I received a message from a new app developer, Language Concepts. They asked me to check out their new app Learning Verbs. Of course I jumped at the offer, since I love finding new materials to use with my students.

Learning Verbs  is designed to target receptive learning of verbs. There are 22 real images to choose from with the option to add your own images.

After selecting which verbs you are going to target, you are able to choose how they will be displayed for your students.  You can have a field of one, two, three, or four verbs presented at a time. You are also able to turn the text, audio, and feedback on and off on the home screen and during the activities. 

While the app is designed for receptively learning verbs it works great for expressively labeling them. The audio is not automatic, so I had my students label the pictured actions before pushing the audio button to identify the correct verb. If my students chose the correct verb the others would disappear and it would bring up a new set of pictures. When my students chose the incorrect verb a loud voice would say "choose again". I ended up turning off the feedback since the voice was startling and there was no verbal reinforcement for correct answers. 

Overall I think this app was perfect for teaching my students to identify verbs. I liked that they used real images. I also like that I can choose how I want them displayed and change the display while playing the app, that made it easy to individualize for each student. And I didn't have to mess with a bunch of cards. I found this app to be a great progress monitoring tool for leaning to identify verbs and labeling them (if the audio is turned off). I used it mostly my preschool students. Since I used it mostly with my preschool students I would have liked for there to be more positive reinforcement for correct responses and to keep my students engaged. This app does not have any built in data collection which is always nice to have, but wasn't necessary. I was able to easily take data one each student.

You can purchase Learning Verbs for $2.99 in the iTunes store. You can find other information about this app and its developers by visiting Language Concepts

*Please note: This app was provided by the developer for review but the opinions here are all mine. No other compensation was provided.

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